Woodtrace Community 365 Day Market Review: Insights and Trends

Welcome to the Woodtrace Community Market Review! Our goal is to provide you with the latest insights and trends within our neighborhood. By analyzing the market metrics, we aim to offer a comprehensive overview that can help you make informed decisions whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply stay updated on the local real estate scene. This review is specifically broken down into two price segments: homes below $550,000 and homes above $550,000, as they cater to different buyer preferences.

Active Market Snapshot

  • Active Homes for Sale: 26
  • Pending Homes: 4
  • Sold in the Last 30 Days: 9

Homes Under $550,000

Competitive Pricing

  • Average Listing Price: $424,738
  • Average Closing Price: $399,655

Setting a competitive price is crucial in attracting more buyers quickly. Homes in this range are priced attractively, ensuring a balance between seller expectations and buyer affordability.

Quick Sales

  • Average Days on Market: 61

Homes under $550,000 tend to sell faster, with an average of just 61 days on the market. This is significantly quicker compared to higher-priced homes, indicating a strong demand in this price segment.

Spacious Living

  • Average Lot Size: 8,162 square feet
  • Average Building Size: 2,376 square feet

These homes offer ample space for families, providing both a comfortable living environment and generous lot sizes.

Homes Over $550,000

Premium Value

  • Average Listing Price: $740,221
  • Average Closing Price: $722,669

Higher-end properties command premium prices, reflecting their upscale features and desirable locations. The closing prices show a slight negotiation margin, typical in luxury real estate.

Selective Buyers

  • Average Days on Market: 81

The market for homes above $550,000 is more selective, with these properties spending an average of 81 days on the market. This longer duration highlights the discerning nature of buyers in this segment.

Luxurious Space

  • Average Lot Size: 11,358 square feet
  • Average Building Size: 3,864 square feet

Homes in this price range boast larger lot and building sizes, offering luxurious space for homeowners who value privacy and comfort.

Leveraging Market Insights

Understanding these metrics can help you time the sale of your home effectively and manage expectations during the selling process. If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to comment below. Your feedback is valuable and will be included in next month’s analysis.

For anyone looking to navigate the Woodtrace real estate market, these insights can be a valuable resource. Whether you’re considering buying or selling, having a clear understanding of market trends ensures you make well-informed decisions. Stay tuned for more updates and don’t hesitate to reach out for personalized advice.

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